Business Law

We can help you draft contracts and settle business disputes.

Real Estate Law

Don't buy, sell or lease property without legal guidance. Talk to a real estate lawyer today.

Personal Injury Law

Fight for the compensation you deserve after an accident.

Immigration Law

We can help you understand legal immigration issues.

Medical Malpractice

Do not let their mistake hinder your life

Workers Compensation

We will get you the rights you deserve

Family Law

Let us take care of you family

EB-5 Investor Visa

Permanent residence for you and your family

Why Should You Pay for an Injury You Didn't Cause?

Talk to a car accident lawyer in Costa Mesa, CA

Struggling With Legal Questions? Call Arya Law Center.

Trusted business and real estate lawyer in Costa Mesa, CA

Whether you're starting a new business or buying your first home, you need objective legal counsel when you're making decisions about your future. The Arya Law Center P.C. has been providing the Costa Mesa, CA community with reliable legal representation since 1996.

If you are injured in car accident, injured at work, or became victim of wrongful medical treatment, you can call Arya Law Center, PC to assist you so to receive the highest compensations for your injuries.
If you are having family issues and contemplating to file for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, you can call Arya Law Center, PC to assist you during these difficult times.
If you or loved ones are subject of immigration deportation, or need to change your status so to remain in the USA permanent, or wish to start a business in the USA, call Arya Law Center, PC to assist you in your immigration matters.
We work hard to keep legal costs as low as possible for our clients. You can trust that we'll make your case our top priority. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers in any of the matters liststed above in Costa Mesa, CA.

Take a closer look at our practice areas

You can lean on the Arya Law Center for legal support when you need it most. We focus on five areas of law in Costa Mesa, California:

  • Business law - a business law lawyer can help you draft contracts and resolve disputes.
  • Real estate law - you need a real estate lawyer if you're buying, selling or leasing property.
  • Personal injury law - fighting for compensation after an injury is less stressful with a competent lawyer by your side.
  • Immigration law - trust a qualified immigration lawyer to answer your questions about visas, green cards or asylum.
  • Family law - if you're filing for divorce, turn to an experienced family lawyer for support.

Forming Your Own Business?

Hire a business contract lawyer in Costa Mesa, CA

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