Recovering From an Injury in Costa Mesa, CA?

Meet with a car accident lawyer & personal injury lawyer today

Getting into an accident can be stressful. It wasn't your fault, but you've been left to pay for the damages. Instead of focusing on your recovery, you're worried about paying your bills. An experienced car accident lawyer can help-call Arya Law Center P.C. in Costa Mesa, CA today. We have over 20 years of personal injury law experience.

We also handle assault and battery, slip and fall, medical mal-practice cases. If you've been injured, talk to an personal injury lawyer today. We'll review the details of your case and work hard to protect your rights. If you are victim of violent crime, we help you to receive assistance from State of California for your medical expenses, loss of income, relocation expenses. Call to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Costa Mesa, CA.

Talk to a qualified lawyer about your case today

Talk to a qualified lawyer about your case today

You need legal support if you're seeking compensation after an injury. Make an appointment with Arya Law Center. We handle personal injury cases that involve:

  • Car accidents
  • Assault and Battery
  • Slip-and-fall accidents
  • Dangerous or defective products
  • Injuries at work 

We fight for the rights of the injured, but we've also represented defendants in personal injury cases. Call Arya Law Center today to discuss the details of your situation with an experience lawyer, whether you are the plaintiff or defendant.